Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spring In Full Swing

Here where I live, in Southern California- just north of San Diego, spring is out and sassy. 

Whenever we drive around, we are met with beautiful and glorious flowers almost everywhere. Even the local stores have Birds of Paradise! One of my favorite things about SoCal is the abundance of flora. People tend to plant a lot in their gardens and take a real pride in a colorful array of plants. Aside from these do-gooders there's even more to be seen. I'm not sure if they're wild or resulting from seed bombs or the CA Dept of Transportation is planting them... but I often see amazing and brilliant flowers on the side of the road and freeways. Yellows, bright blooms as well as subdued... Orange paired with deep Purple... Hot Pinks, delicate WhitesFuchsia and an array of Blues. These are just some of the colors that greet us on our travels.

Recently I visited the San Diego Safari Park with a friend. It was gorgeous as always but the flowers were particularly lovely. I couldn't help but photograph some of them. My mission for April is to take my camera out and capture a lot of these natural beauties. 

The day we were at the Safari Park was a bit cloudy since we've been getting quite a bit of rain recently. Not too typical of San Diego but I am loving it! Being from the Midwest originally I'm used to a lot of spring rain and I miss the thunderstorms and powerful torrential rains of my home. I bet the flowers and sunshine will make up for it, though, don't you? I've been keeping my eye on the weather forecasts so I can grab some light and do some photography. Keep an eye out for more floral photography coming your way!

Happy Spring!

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